Free Lines Arrow August 2010 | ♥ D.

Green Park.

In love with this colour! And actually i'm ill :/ and it's so boring because i must stay at home.. :S

It's time for another revolution.

I'm already home! The camp was amazing! As always :) I hope that i'll have more time for blog, since there I won't have to travel anywhere.. :)
There are random photos from camp. :)
me and cat.. she slept in our cottage at night :D

H&M Fashion Studio.

On this site you can create you own H&M outfit. You can choose from many models from H&M. And here are a few of my creation so if you want to see them click on READ MORE. Link on fashion studio is at the end of article. :) Yeah and i'm stiiiil in camp,but this is prepared article. ;)

Dustin Dollin.

Last 18 days of holiday are coming and i don't want to ending this vacation! Then the 10 months in school will  be very stressful. So hard life of gymnazist ;D. I look forward to only on people in my class and breaktimes.. By four days I'll go to the summer camp Kysak again. This time on 5. turn. :D I just love it there. 
Actually, i don't have any new photos so i posted some macros of my early birthday present. I have birthday 23rd September but i'm so restless and when i saw this Vans i can't resist. Recently it happens to me often :D

Details for life.

Some macros from my room. :P
self-made bow.

I'm blue.

Finally, I have some new photos! For all just click on READ MORE.. 

Day with Andy.

Yesterday I was shopping with my sister Andy. I'm glad that i finally was with her. We had planned to just look stores, but when we went to H&M i couldn't resist! So I bought two dotted tights. I'm looking for dotted tights sooo long time,about a year, so I'm glad that I have them. :) 

Summa summarum July.

The first month of holiday is over and i summarizes my July.

4.7. Good festival [Dobrý festival] in Prešov [Delňa]
Amazing start of summer, the band IneKafe live!

We met our Mrs.Teacher of Slovak language! :D
In photo: my classmates and our teacher.

Red face.

Yesterday I came home from our summer house in Tatras. I was there for three days and I just soaked up some sun. Even yesterday, i ascertained that it was no very good idea. My face is soo red. :X Thanks God for panthenol! 
I'm  sorry, that i don't have any new photos, bcs i don't spend much time at home. 
These photos are from last school day. They're taken by Marietta, my classmate:)