Summa summarum July.

03 augusta

The first month of holiday is over and i summarizes my July.

4.7. Good festival [Dobrý festival] in Prešov [Delňa]
Amazing start of summer, the band IneKafe live!

We met our Mrs.Teacher of Slovak language! :D
In photo: my classmates and our teacher.

Me and Marietta in tent. :D

5.7.-12.7. Smrečany 
hard working :D

13.7.-25.7. Summer camp Kysak-Brezie
This year i was there the seventh time. I love it. I feel like a veteran there. :D

Adrianka & Me
Addicted to nuttela ;D
Adrianka &Me
Natasha, Me, Aďka.. cottage-mates :D
Aďka,Norička,Me :)
Second division - the oldest girls :D
II. turn 2010
The LAST night! :D wrr
Aďka, Norička, Me..
the last night eating:D
last day.. we and our cottage:)
natasha, aďka, me..

26.7. - Day with Mariett
a "successful" self-timer ;D
My new I :D

29.7. Day with my classmates

I think this month was seriously amazing and I hope that August will be even better!

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