Free Lines Arrow October 2010 | ♥ D.

School ball.

So here are the photos from the ball, which i mentioned last time. It was matriculatory Ball for first-year students. :P 
me & Blanka .. author of the recent photos
 from Czech Republic :)

Four days in wonderland.

Yesterday I returned from Czech Republic & Poland. In the concrete from Český Tešín/Cieszyn. I was there for four days with orchestra eƒko (I'm playing the second violin voice there). We had four concerts and I think that was great abreaction from school. Nature was amazing,but there was quite cold. :S
 Here are some photos [with my sweetheart :)]. They were taken by Blanka. Near our pension.

Eleanor Rigby.

I'm totally in love with with song! Yesterday I was on matriculatory Ball! I'll add photos here as soon as possible! :) And I added some photos even from latest photoshoot 'Back in black'..